Heidi Elizabeth

;;Heyo! My name is Heidi(: I am currently 16 years old, I have an amazing boyfriend, Tiler, and I have the most amazing horse a girl could ask for, Summer <3
;;Horses are my life...they have gotten me through everything. I worry a lot and I let things get to me, but I'm getting better. I am clinically depressed and i have severe anxiety attacks. I embrace that, because it's who I am. It's a part of me and it's never going away. I am always there for the people who are important to me, and even for people that I don't know. If you ever need to talk, don't be afraid to come to me. I love giving advice, and there isn't a thing that you could say to me to make me turn away from you <3 I love helping people, even if I don't get anything in return.

;;I want to be a horse trainer when I "grow up" and I want to specialize in western pleasure, english pleasure, huntseat, trail, halter, showmanship, horsemanship, and equitation....not specifically in that order.

;;I have the most amazing boyfriend a girl could ask for, Tiler. He makes me feel like a princess and I love him for that. I have been with a few dousches, who made me not want to even try anymore. Tiler walked into my life out of no where, and even though I pushed him away and did my best not to fall for him, I did anyway. He is an amazing guy. Some people think differently, but to me, he is perfect. Yeah, maybe he wasn't the best guy to other girls, but at the end of the day, he would do anything for me. I love him and I will fight for us <3

;;If you ever need to talk, just say so(: